More About Integrative Mediation

Emotional issues, tension, and conflict are a couple's worst enemies during divorce negotiations. This is a time when two people must try to restructure their lives with as little upheaval and cost as possible.

Integrative Mediation blends the benefits of the interdisciplinary approach that characterizes collaborative process with the facilitative, lower-cost benefits of mediation. In this teamwork approach, Martie works with mental health professional Kathleen Adams, to provide both the emotional and legal support you need to stay calm and focused as you create workable agreements.

Kathleen Adams & Martie Leys

Kathleen Adams & Martie Leys

This creative and highly structured process disentagles emotions from the legal and financial issues. It helps you and your spouse or partner identify your respective needs, goals and interests, gather the financial information needed for restructuring your financial lives and negotiate to a satisfactory resolution. Martie Leys and her colleague Kathleen Adams are pioneers in the Integrative Mediation Movement and have been working together for several years to develop and expand the Integrative Mediation model. Both train other professionals in the use of this unique approach.

This experienced attorney/psychotherapist team can help support and guide you through the legal and emotional issues of divorce with as little conflict and emotional distress as possible.

  • If you're considering divorce: Integrative mediation involves meeting together with Martie and Kathleen to thoroughly review your situation before deciding whether divorce is the appropriate course to follow. We help you as a couple gather information about the divorce process, while exploring ways that you might avoid divorce altogether and begin the road to emotional recovery and reconciliation.
  • If you're intent on divorce: This experienced attorney/psychotherapist team guides you through the often complex and emotionally-charged process. Martie addresses the legal aspects of property division, custody, and child support with an information gathering and problem-solving approach. Kathleen helps set the emotional ground rules to make sure all parties are heard and the needs of both participants and their children are recognized and met. Together Martie and Kathleen create a warm and safe environment, providing the guidance to assist a couple in developing a positive transition plan that brings about the best possible outcome for each family member. If there are complex financial issues a financial specialist also serving as a neutral problem solver can be added to the mediation team to assist in organizing and developing financial options.

With Integrative Mediation, the result is a process that is focused, calm, productive, safe and far less expensive than adversarial and high-conflict divorce proceedings.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call Martie (707) 789-0390 or Kathleen (707) 508-6331.